A Small Detail Missed in Latest One piece Chapter 1003!

Something interesting to note on the last page: there are 3 doors to get to the rooftop. Two are opened and one is closed.

The door in the middle is the one Jack and the Beasts Pirates used and it indicated the beginning of Scabbards vs Jack and Kaido.

The door to our right is the one Luffy used and it meant the beginning of Supernovas vs Yonko.

I feel like the third door will be used by someone else to get to the rooftop. Maybe Law sends Luffy to the floor below while he recovers, then Luffy gets through this door to signify the beginning of the 3rd and last round of fights at the top. Or, that door will be used by Yamato since many have theorized that she has the White Tiger devil fruit so it makes sense for the White Tiger to face the Azure Dragon. Alternatively the door could be used by a third party who could later enter the battle vs Kaido.

What do you think?

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