Black Clover Chapter 279: Morris Is The Devil Magic User? Read Full Chapter.☘💥😱

“Jack used his blade magic and managed to cut through Dante’s solid body!!!”. The Black Clover franchise is doing great out there, manages to build huge hype among fans with the help of a storyline. It’s Jack the Ripper vs Dante. Is Jack the ripper is going to die or what exactly going to happen in the upcoming chapter? This will reveal in Black Clover Chapter 279.

Black Clover Chapter 279

Release Date

The previous chapter of the series was on a hiatus due to some unknown reason. But this time, Black Clover manga is on the right schedule. So, as per the information we got, Black Clover Chapter 279 is going to release on 24th January 2021 at 12AM JST. So, what is going to happen in Black Clover Chapter 279? Let’s find out-

Raw Scans And Leaks

Black Clover Chapter 279 is right around the corner. As we have already mentioned above that fans are super eager to know about the events of chapter 297 of the Black Clover Manga Series. So, as per our predictions, the raw scans and leaks may release on 22nd or 23rd January 2021. 

Black Clover Chapter 279 Spoilers Revealed

Mereoleona vs Majin

Meroleona proves that how she evolves in the terms of strength, speed, and magic power. She manages to pull off something that seems impossible at the first sight. But guess what? She manages to defeat or destroy Majin with monstrous strength and magic powers.

Clover Kingdom Mages evolved

First, it’s Yuno, then Charlotte and at the end, it’s Jack the ripper are managed to fight somehow toe-to-toe with the members of Dark Triad. After seeing all of them includes Meraoleona, Nacht got relieved and consider the chances of winning the battle against the dark triad.

Morris Is A Devil User 

This is the most unexpected part of the chapter. Morris is also a devil user. He speeds up the process of The Tree of Qliphoth. As we all know that the tree of Qliphoth is the channel that connects the devil’s underworld. With the help of this, Devils can enter the human world, and this what is happening in Black Clover Chapter 279. 2 devils with wings emerge from the channel who seems pretty strong.

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