Chapter 986 has a clue of what is going to happen in Chapter 987!

In chapter 986 Kin’emon and Denjiro join up with their fellow Scabbards and Izo, and they enter Kaido’s castle.
Kurozumi Kanjuro is shown to have been defeated.

My favorite scene was Kinemon putting his hat on Kanjuro’s dead body!! It’s reminiscent of Luffy vs Katakuri and shows that even tho Kanjuro betrayed them the Red Scabbards still saw him as one of their own!

Izo shooting King’s sword off his hand so easily was damn epic!! Seeing the Nine Scabbards stab Kaido collectively while yelling “Sunachi” feels like a well-deserved payoff for their arc. The first two Scabbards to join Oden were also the two that managed to stab Kaido! Very poetic!

Things are going very well for the Nine Red Scabbards in this chapter, and we all know what that might mean in One Piece and what might happen after that. Furthermore One Piece Editor Takano revealed in live streaming that he was moved to tears after he read next chapter (987).

I have a feeling that we might see why Kaido is the strongest creature alive in the next chapter and it’s gonna be dark. I am more and more certain that a Scabbard will die, and I had this theory since I saw Kine’mon in Wano for the first time.

Do you think this is a clue to what’s going to happen in next chapter?

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