Dragon Ball Super Teases a Power Even Greater Than Ultra Instinct!

Dragon Ball Super has officially entered the “Granolah the Survivor” arc with chapter 68. The latest chapter has quite a few shocks in store for us.

It starts with Granolah stealing Seven-Three and ends with a prophecy of the strongest person’s emergence in the 7 universes.

Another scene-stealer in the chapter was Goku’s training with Whis. He is currently at the base level of Ultra Instinct, and there is much more room for him to grow.

However, in all this commotion, Beerus hinted at a power that is even greater than Ultra Instinct.

While observing Goku’s training, Beerus asks Vegeta if he is not going to master UI. Vegeta replies that the power doesn’t suit him and that he wants to surpass Goku in some other way. Beerus then says that UI is not the only technique of the Gods. It is just the speciality of angels.

Ultra Instinct is a state which can be achieved and maintained only through a calm and tranquil heart. The Gods of Destruction would obviously not use a power like that

Vegeta is interested in this new technique and asks Beerus to teach him. Beerus, on his part, does not want to train others like Whis.

Beerus says he needs to exercise to wake himself up and teases Vegeta by saying that he can steal something if he likes it.

Beerus will definitely use one of the few techniques in front of Vegeta. Now it depends on Vegeta to pick it up and practice it. However, Beerus’s attitude makes it evident that simply copying it will be tough. After all, it is a technique that the Gods use, and we already know how strong they are.

So, what is this new power that might surpass UI?

We all know how powerful Beerus is. He had once destroyed eight and a half planets within half a day after he woke up from a slumber. If he fights at 100% power, the whole universe might be destroyed. He is far more powerful than the likes of Goku and Vegeta.

Only some of his abilities have been revealed so far, like the UI, usage of the Kikoha, or the ki-blast. We are excited about the new technique that he will reveal. Will Vegeta surpass Goku and become the strongest warrior?

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