Latest Chapter proves Straw Hat Pirates are finally a Yonko Level Crew!

After the latest chapter I finally see the Straw Hats as a true Yonko-class crew. The Straw Hats show absolutely no fear or hesitation in directly confronting a Yonko or their top officers.

Franky, Brook, Jinbe, Robin, Zoro and Sanji have all just directly attacked or challenged either Big Mom or a Calamity and weren’t scared or hopelessly out-matched at all.

They are all fighting on their level. As Franky said, they’ve realised that these guys aren’t out of their league any more.

They are all fighting on their level. As Franky said, they’ve realised that these guys aren’t out of their league any more.

Every crew member, they are all now proving that they as a team are a Yonko tier crew and don’t just rely on Luffy’s strength. And the world is now seeing it that way, the Wano Samurai are literally seeing the Straw Hats as a crew on the same level as Big Mom and Kaido’s crews. It’s incredible.

We can appreciate the line-up of the Straw Hats right now.

The Captain is considered to be the 5th Emperor due to his strength, actions and charisma.

He comes from a powerful lineage and his greatest power, a magnetic personality, gave him access to connections such as a whole army, having the previous Pirate King’s first mate train him, and having a warlord fall in love with him.

A powerful swordsman, taught by the greatest swordsman – he will one day claim that title. He wields 3 swords, one of which once owned by the great Kozuki Oden.

A skilled navigator who, despite not being a great fighter, is in possession of one of the Yonko Big Mom’s devastating weapons.

A sniper that has perfect accuracy and precision. Not to mention his immense luck. He is considered a God by many.

A powerful chef who is a prince of the Germa 66 – a royal family that has technology that may rival Vegapunk’s.

A doctor who has saved many lives, and has the potential to cure any sickness and disease. The only known zoan fruit user who has found a way to transform into many different forms other than the standard two.

The only living person who can ever read the text on the Poneglyphs – the only way to find One Piece

A genius engineer who once had possession of the blueprints to one of the Ancient Weapons. He was an apprentice of the shipwright who built the previous Pirate King’s ship.

A popstar who escaped death – he successfully stole a print of one of the Yonko’s Poneglyphs.

And now we have a former warlord, who is the most powerful fish-man seen thus far.

The crew of the future Pirate King.

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