My hero academia chapter 271 Release Date and Predictions

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My Hero Academia Chapter 271 raw scans are leaked on the internet and with that spoilers for the manga issue are out. It seems that the next Boku no Hero Academia manga chapter will focus on Hawks vs Dabi fight, where Tokoyami will swoop in and save the day. There won’t be much focus on Tomura Shigaraki in the next manga issue as per My Hero Academia 271 spoilers.
Tokoyami will not be happy when he learns that Hawks has killed Twice, but he will still protect his fellow teammate. Geten will also make an appearance in MHA chapter 271 and use her ice powers so that the villains can escape. Here are more details on “My Hero Academia” chapter 271 spoilers, leaks, raw scans release date, and how to read online the manga chapters.

  • There will be no Tomura Shigaraki this week
  • Tokoyami in native american garmen tand in the background there may be Hawks
  • The dark shadow puts a cape around hawks and dark shadow is crying
  • Dabi tells Tokoyami that Hawks killed Twice and Tokoyami has a shocked face
  • Hawks tells Tokoyami something and he protects Hawks from Dabi’s fire whip and dodges the attack
  • There is little conversation between Hawks and Tokoyami while the dark shadow sends his hands to Dabi to try to knock him down.
  • Dark shadow tries to swing but is too weak so he falls with Tokoyami and Hawks in towing
  • Hawks gets knocked out while in Tokoyami’s hands, where he tries to take off with dark shadows hands and Dabi fire flies like Endeavor
  • Dabi tries to do the fire kamehameha and out of nowhere an ice wall of Geten appears
  • The mount lady gets covered up by Geten’s ice, lands on Fatgum
  • There is ice everywhere, Geten unmasks and yells at the rest for being useless while floating on his ice platform, where the ice blast covers the mansion
  • Tokoyami flies away and gets away with Hawks
  • One of the PLF member that might be in Dabi’s team comes out of a big hole in Geten’s ice and comes up behind Gang Orca and Yoroi Musha
  • Tokoyami is crying, we see in the basement of the mansion, Giga stands up and he sniffs Shigaraki.
MY HERO ACADEMIA 271 Release date:

My Hero Academia Chapter 271 will release on Sunday, May 17, 2020, as per VIZ’s official website. The raw scans for Boku Hero Academia 271 manga chapter are already leaked out and fans are discussing the spoilers over Reddit and other social media platforms.
My Hero Academia 271 manga chapter can be read on Shonen Jump official website and Manga Plus apps and websites. We would request the fans of the manga series to read the latest chapters from only official sources only, as it is free and will help the creators to make better stories.

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