Oda’s Symbolism in Chapter 1000, Epic Recreated moments

Chapter 1 — Luffy attack a Giant Fish

Chapter 100 — Luffy meets Dragon

Chapter 1000 — Luffy attacks a Giant Fish Dragon

Also Luffy declared his Dream in all these three Chapters.
At the end of Chapter 100, we had 5 First Straw Hats exiting East Blue & entering New Era.

In Chapter 1000 we now have 5 Supernovas who will also define a New Era

If we combine Title of this Chapter (1000) and last one (999), we get: “The Sake i brewed to Drink with You, Straw Hat Luffy”. Oden claimed during his execution that his tale is to be accompanied by sake and told everyone that in 20 years, Kaido would be taken down. Luffy will carry his will.

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Chapter 1000 will also be released in Issue 5-6 which is Luffy’s Number (Go Mu).

Also Roger is mentioned in all of Chapter 1, 100, 1000.

In Chapter 100, Buggy & Alvida were shown together, similar to Kaido & Big Mom. Not just that but Marco trapping Queen & King with his devil fruit is exactly like Smoker trapping Buggy & Alvida with his devil fruit.

Also Luffy repeated the same pose Shanks did in Chapter 01.

Luffy walking past Big Mom & Kaido is similar to Mereum passing Netero & Zeno & guess what is Mereum known as? “King”.

Even Luffy holding Kin’emon is similar to Netero holding Komugi & even him ordering Law is similar to Mereum ordering Pitou.

Luffy’s new Attack is named “Red Rock” and was aimed at a Pirate from “Rocks” Pirates. Since this is Dinosaur/Dragon themed Arc then it’s expected that Luffy’s Final Attack is King Kong + Red Hawk & will be called “Meteor”.

So we have:

Chapter 1 – Shanks Introduction
Chapter 100 – Dragon Introduction
Chapter 500 – Rayleigh Introduction (Also Kid, Killer & Law appeared in Chapter 500)
Chapter 1000 – Luffy Re-Introduction

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