One Piece: 10 Strongest Pirates In Gol D. Roger’s Crew – Ranked

As a man who was once known as the Pirate King, surely Gol D. Roger had many powerful crewmates to accompany him in sailing Gol D. Roger is one of the legendary figures in the world of One Piece. Hailing from East Blue, Roger is the man who is best known for becoming the King of the Pirates and then starting the Great Age of Pirates.
His crew, the Roger Pirates, were one of the most powerful pirate crew on the Grand Line, matched only by a few such as the Whitebeard Pirates. Roger had some incredibly capable men in his crew, and it is thanks to the collective effort of everyone that he managed to reach the Final Island, Laugh Tale.

10. Buggy the Clown

Buggy was one of the two apprentices on Gol D. Roger’s ship. He joined the crew at an unknown time but was seen through most of Roger’s journey to Laugh Tale. Although just an apprentice, Buggy was rather brave and strong, as seen when he fought the likes of Marco and Blackbeard (who were also apprentices at the time).

At some point, Buggy accidentally ate the Bara Bara no Mi which gave him the power to split his body into parts and manipulate them individually.

9. Shanks

The other apprentice on Roger’s ship was none other than Shanks. From the looks of it, Shanks was favored by both Roger and Oden on the crew, meaning he was likely stronger as well. He fought against the Whitebeard Pirates and came out of the battle with just a few scars.

Shanks was present at Logue Town during Roger’s execution and ultimately, set out to sea to make his own crew.

8. Inuarashi

Inuarashi is a dog Mink who sneaked into the Oro Jackson when Oden temporarily switched to the Roger Pirates from the Whitebeard crew. Being a Mink, Inuarashi is a born fighter and knew the ways of electro right from his early childhood days.

What’s more, at this point, he was already trained quite a lot by the likes of Oden, and traveling with Whitebeard gave him more experience if anything. Inuarashi was, certainly, one of the strongest known fighters on the crew.

7. Nekomamushi

Along with Inuarashi, Nekomamushi also managed to sneak on Roger’s ship and traveled with the crew for over a year. Like Inu, Nekomamushi was skilled with Electro from a young age and was also capable of using Haki.

Nekomamushi was trained by Oden and thus, was very powerful. He was strong and capable enough to be Oden’s retainer and lived up to the expectations of Yasuie.


Crocus was the doctor of the Roger Pirates, although he joined the crew quite late and was only there for Roger’s last voyage in the Grand Line. Nonetheless, as Rayleigh put it, Crocus was just as important as any other crewmate and was actually the main reason Roger survived as long as he did.

He was a skilled fighter, as seen when he fought the likes of the Golden Lion Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates. His skill with harpoons is something that’s been highlighted a few times in the story.

5. Scopper Gaban

Scopper Gaban was one of the most important characters in Roger’s crew and was the left-hand man of the Pirate King himself. Gaban was extremely powerful and known to be a skilled fighter.

Being one of the strongest on the crew, it goes without saying that Gaban knew the ways of Haki. What’s more, he was seen wielding axes on several occasions and they were likely his primary weapon of choice.

4. Douglas Bullet

Known as the Demon Heir, Douglas Bullet was a member of the Roger Pirates who also appeared in the non-canon movie, One Piece: Stampede. While the canonicity of the character itself is debatable, him not being seen on Roger’s adventure doesn’t change much as he had already left the crew by then.

Bullet was extremely powerful and had the ability of the Gasha Gasha no Mi which let him assimilate anything at will. When he was a member of the crew, his strength was equal to Silvers Rayleigh.

3. Kozuki Oden

Oden joined the Roger Pirates around 26 years before the current storyline and sailed with the crew all the way to the Final Island, Laugh Tale. He was an incredibly powerful pirate who managed to charm both Roger and Whitebeard, the two greatest pirates of their time.

On his journey with Roger and Whitebeard, Oden continued to grow stronger and by the time his journey with Roger ended, he was in his prime. Oden’s usage of Ryou was immense, as was his Oden Two-Sword Style.

2. Silvers Rayleigh

The right-hand man of the Pirate King, Silvers Rayleigh was also known as the Dark King and he was the Vice-Captain of the crew. Rayleigh is incredibly powerful and a terrific swordsman. Even now, he is a powerful user of all the Haki types and in his prime days, he would’ve been a force to be reckoned with.

Rayleigh’s power is such that Garp considered him a legendary threat even in his old age. Back during the days of Roger, he was likely a menace.

1. Gol D. Roger

The King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger was the strongest person on the crew. Roger had control over all the Haki types and a decent mastery of the sword. His skills were largely considered to be unmatched and the only person to fight him to a draw was Whitebeard.

Roger was quite stubborn and rash at times, however, it is his rash nature that ended up making him the Pirate King.

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