One Piece Chapter 980 Release Date and Predictions

With the effects of COVID-19 still affecting most industries worldwide, it is effecting One Piece Chapter 980 release date as well. The anime and Manga industries are not immune and the effects left most of the popular and ongoing shows in a hiatus. Fortunately, the Manga industry did not receive that bad of a hit as Shounen Jump and VIZ media resorted to Bi-monthly and monthly schedules.
This means that for most weekly Manga, they will be releasing only two episodes each month. So new chapters will take a one week break each time there is a new release. This leaves fans only eager for new chapters and the manga has slowed down so we now have to wait twice as long for new chapters.

Looking at the latest releases and the spoilers for the upcoming chapters, we are still at the beginning of the Onigashima raid. And at this rate things will take a while to develop as the new chapter releases have slowed down. The flying six have gathered before Kaido but so far not all of them have been revealed yet. We still have the impending appearance of Kaido’s son and the mentioning of the numbers.
All these events are keeping fans tied to the Manga in hopes of finding out soon who could be Kaido’s son, What are the numbers like? and who are the remaining members of the flying six? With a new chapter set to be released this week. One-piece will go on another break before 980 could be released. But the spoilers for 979 have been released already and they are the ones that could be carrying new information about the numbers, Kaido’s son and the remaining flying six members. Take a look at the latest updates below.

One Piece Chapter 980 Release Date and Updates

One Piece Chapter 980 will be released on Sunday, 24 May 2020. You will be able to get this chapter late on Sunday Japanese time. So in other countries, time might still be behind as Japanese time is way ahead of many countries. For those who rely on spoilers. New spoilers are usually released about 3 days in advance. So it will be a while until you will be able to get One Piece 980 spoilers.

In the meantime, you can check out the latest spoilers released for One Piece Chapter 979. You will be able to read One Piece’s latest chapters as soon as they are released online on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s shonen jump websites and their respective apps. One Piece 979 will be released this upcoming weekend so you can check out the new chapter by then to get the latest story developments about the Onigashima Raid.

One Piece 980 Discussion, The Onigashima Raid Continues

One Piece 979 spoilers are out and have been released early this week. The earlier update for the spoilers was released on Monday and the last part was just released today and on top of that, the full chapter will be released this weekend. Let us take a look at the latest developments and predictions based on the latest updates from the spoilers released. Take a look below.
The latest spoilers have revealed the appearance of the flying six before Kaido. And this time it was revealed why Kaido wanted them. A tradition that is carried amongst the Beast Pirates was revealed. This included how Kaido chooses his All-Stars members and how he keeps them up to form. So he has used this to bait all of flying six as some of them might not take it seriously and not appear.
Now Kaido has the flying six look for his son. And the only thing revealed about him in the latest spoilers was only his name, Yamato. Now the flying six have to find Yamato and then a appear before Kaido for their showdown against the All-Stars and whoever wins will replace the All-Stars they have defeated. This will also be to show their strength to Big Mom who is also watching on the side as she has now become the ally to the beast pirates.
On another occasion, Kanjuro was seen flying towards where Hiyori was instead of Onigashima. So he might be up to something as well. Luffy and Kidd Pirates are also on their way to Kaido’s mansion where everything else is taking place. So it seems like things will take a little while to build up as Kaido knows already of their invasion but instead of focusing on them wants to show off the strength of his crew to big mom.
We are also expecting to see this clash between the Flying six and the All-Stars and knowing how things usually go in One Piece then it is likely that Luffy might crash this mini-tournament that Kaido is holding. But now that multiple stories have developed, they will take a while to tell. And they wouldn’t start right away with Luffy and his alliance against Kado.
Things are a little difficult to tell which story will develop first. Most likely, Kaido’s story vs Luffy and co might be told just a little in each chapter. Everything outside Onigashima will first be settled up until Kaido and his crews are the only thing left to deal with. So we might first get the full focus on what Kanjuro is up against as he is heading towards Hiyori. So that might develop a story that might take a while to tell.
On the other hand, King revealed that the numbers have a special gift for Kaido. So we are yet to find out more on that end. One Piece is approaching its critical moments at its story for now. So the story is taking some time to develop the build-up to the final confrontations. Hence it might be a while till we see the intense fight that we are all waiting for. It is already taking some time for just Kaido’s son to appear. And when that happens it is likely that this will bring with it a change in a lot of events.
For now, we can patiently wait to see what the next chapters will be bringing for us. And since the Manga has slowed down to just two chapters per month then we might have longer to wait than we think. At least I will keep you informed in cases there are any changes. Just stay tuned for more updates and make sure to visit again soon.

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