Wano War will be the “War of the Worst”

One piece chapter 980 is great. we saw glimpse of Appo’s power. There are 8/11 Supernovas on Onigashima right now (Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer, Law, Hawkins, Drake, Apoo).

We just saw in the last chapter how strong Apoo can be, and we already know how much damage Luffy, Zoro, and Law can do. Sure, Kaido is the main attraction on Onigashima, but the Supernovas make up a significant part of the fight.


Previously, Oda has said we’re about to see a war that will dwarf Marineford (though whether or not he’s talking about Wano is unclear). What if this is the start of the war, starring the Supernovas?

Similar to Marineford where we got tons of crazy strong key players and one emperor, in Wano there are around 45,000 people, so no matter what goes down it will be “big news”.

Remember how the Battle of Marineford war was considered “the War of the Best”? They called it that because the world’s strongest pirate crew (the Whitebeard Pirates) fought the most powerful organization in the world.

This new war in Wano isn’t between the best at all, it’s the War of the Worst. Not only is it the Worst Generation, but also Kaido and Big Mom, the two cruelest pirates in the New World.

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