Who’s Who ‘s Possible Identity and Devil Fruit

Hello Everyone , In this post we are gonna take look for who’s who identity, his possible Devil fruit and information about him. Let see.

Who’s Who was a captain of his own pirate crew before he joined the Beasts Pirates. After joining, he had been seeking a position among the All-Stars. As a Headliner in the Beasts Pirates, Who’s Who holds a high position in his crew and has authority over the lower-ranking members, and as a member of the Tobiroppo, he is also among the strongest Headliners, with only Kaido and the All-Stars ranking above him

Who’s Who carries a katana sword on his right hip, letting it rest beside him when sitting down. It is unknown how skilled he is with it. He seems to heavily respect Kaido, though, becoming serious and shocked along with his peers when Ulti spoke rudely about their boss

I was re-watching old episodes of the series when I notice ed an interesting detail.

The Torino Kingdom is an island in the South Blue that some call the “Isle of Treasure”. It is a relatively small island with a huge tree growing in the middle of it. Tony Tony Chopper was sent here by Bartholomew Kuma during the events in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc. He spent two years here in order to train.

What if these people were connected with the Headliner and Tobiroppo of the Beasts Pirates Who’s Who?

Some of those villagers bear an eye tattoo symbol on either of their upper arms. Also those villagers have the same lips as the guy in the Flying Six.

Torino Kingdom can also be read as Bird’s Kingdom. Who’s Who sounds like the sound that owls make. What if Who’s Who ate an Owl Zoan Devil Fruit?!

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